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Zebra Metal Pop Rickshaw Bag



Bossy Black Leggings

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Bossy (text) Women’s American Apparel

120 different styles and color click to see more

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Sometime in life… Empowering quotes Skull shape

Sometimes in life you need to accept the bad things that have happened to you So you Can move on gracefully It can only get better from there. 126 more styles click the pics

LOVE cheetah Bling design Vintage burnout

126 More styles with this design click the pic to see more. Also on baby,kids

Beautiful You Leggings and Over sized T-shirt

Beautiful Shirt Beautiful You Click the pic to see more

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Diva Heels Art Minx Nail Wraps

Also in Pink and Baby Blue CLICK 

Bad Ass Skull and Bones Blk Leggings

đź‘ą sassy

Skull and Bones bling/ (art funk) Flip Flops

( Click) also available with black bottoms