Turquoise Zebra Print Abstract Collection 

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Turquoise Golden Orange Fractal Ipad Mini BT Case

Native American Headdress Art Decor

I absolutely Love This One!

Click The Pic To See The Matching Rug and More

Bright Bold Kaleidoscope Pattern Ipad Air Case

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Under The Sea Turquoise/brown/cream Ipad Air Case

Shocking Blue/Turquoise/BLK Minx Nail Wraps

Gorgeous Turquoise/Black Decor

Two Sizes and Natural Wood also Available

Beautiful Messy Grunge Abstract Decor

Click The Pic To see more sizes there is a matching rug

Pink/Turquoise/Zebra Metal Pop Minx Nail Wraps

Hot Pink,Turquoise,Florescent Bagettes Bags