Florescent Pink Abstract Pattern iphone6 cases

Faded Black and White/Color Art

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Concrete Textured GalaxyS3 case

Concrete Textured GalaxyS3 case

School Notebooks and Binders (unique )

Unique Custome Notebooks
Unique Custome Notebooks by TeensEyeCandy
Design notebook cover designs online at zazzle.com 

Unique Lamps (grunge,paint peel,messy,3D black cubes,cheetah print)

Unique Table Lamp for Just about everyone
Unique Table Lamp for Just about everyone by TeensEyeCandy
Look at Teens Lamp-In-A-Box Lamp online at Zazzle.com

Unique Wood Throw Pillow (set)

BEAUTIFUL one of a kind I Miss Us Necklace and matching Vintage Strap Watch