Christmas Serving Trays

Merry Christmas Custom Serving Trays
Merry Christmas Custom Serving Trays by TeensEyeCandy
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Gorgeous Turquoise/Black Decor

Two Sizes and Natural Wood also Available

Retro Woman Funny Gift Ideas for Him and Her

Click to see more They also come in Natural Wood

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Vintage Children (You Were My First) serving tray

This would make a beautiful gift click

Don’t Forget My Beer Woman!

Yep😀 click

Haha! if he only Knew. Click


Queen And King Vintage Royal Crowns Serving Trays

King Of The House click

For the Queen Of The House. Click

Life Is Beautiful Darling Vintage Art

I like this so much I think I will have to make one for myself😉 click

Life Is Beautiful Vintage Art Serving Trays

Such a beautiful Piece Of Vintage Art Click