Sassy Red&Blk Bling Heels Bag

Skull and Bones Metal Grunge Bag


Your Boyfriends Plaid Shirt😉

Boyfriends Shirt Drawstring Bag
Boyfriends Shirt Drawstring Bag by TeensEyeCandy
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I❤️ someone Autistic

Autism Close to my heart…

Minx Nails/Matching Bags and Rickshaw Folio

Drawstring Bag

Matching Nails

Daily excursions about the city, adventurous jaunts overseas, or the next board meeting – organize your digital and analog life with the Rickshaw Large Folio Day Planner. The Large Folio features space your smartphone and Moleskin journal in addition to pockets for cards, pens, highlighters, and other personal effects. Made with rugged construction, the Folio Day Planner is the perfect companion for your busy life. Secure zip pocket for personal items and a smartphone. Fits a classic sized Moleskin journal. Made with a sustainability focus in San Francisco, CA. Dimensions 9.75″ H x 6″ W x 1″ D.


I Earned My Wings To Fly

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Sassy Thang Drawstring Bag

Sassy 😉