Makeup Minx Nail Wraps earth tone

Makeup On the Go Minx Nail Wraps
Makeup On the Go Minx Nail Wraps by TeensEyeCandy
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Eyeshadow High Quality Wrapping Paper

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Bling Black Onyx Minx Nail Wraps

Minx Nails! Worn by fashion forward celebrities, these salon quality nail coverings add instant glamour to your outfit. Minx nails can be easily applied in-home or at your local Minx salon.

New Products Minx Nail Art Designs

Minx Nails


Sexy Beast also in yellow and Turquoise.  

  • In-home application instructions included in the packaging; for professional application, find a Minx salon near you.
  • Includes two sheets of Minx nail coverings for a full manicure; package comes with eight nail coverings on each sheet in varying sizes. Note: round portion of nail covering sits at the base of your nails
  • design for both Nails and Toes






My Heart Was Broken Heart Shaped Compact Mirror


Our Last Love Song compact Mirror

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Beautiful Disaster Monroe Compact Mirror



I will love you forever.. Mother With Her Daughter

My beautiful Daughter with Her Daughter 

Beautiful Disaster (same sex) Art

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I’m A DIVA Retro Compact Mirror

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