Unique Ipod Touch5/Galaxy S3/kindle cases Unique Postal Stamps/Autism

Unique Galaxy S3 cases
Unique Galaxy S3 cases by PutACaseonIt_pwinart
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Unique Stamps
Unique Stamps by PutACaseonIt_pwinart
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My Sonwas diagnosed with Autism when He was 3,he is now 15 and i wanted to share the meaning of this stamp. If you notice the Butterflies surrounding him and The Hand That cradles him Belong to me.The little Man In this Picture is my Son. As his Mother I understood how he viewed things at such a young age. ive since asked him what this picture says to him and he simply stated ” It makes sence.”  That is where my poster came in.. if you look throughh my blogs it is something I wrote for Him. 
THROUGH THE EYES OF MY AUTISTIC CHILD  that is the closets way I can explain what kind of understanding we have with eachother. The Link Is Attached if you can not find it. 

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